Redefining the word “Christian”

We exist to change the way people think when they hear the word Christian.  Too often the first words that come to mind are judgmental, hypocritical, condescending, condemning, and sometimes even hateful.  Our idea is this:  By the way that we live, love, serve, give, speak, laugh and do church the world will begin to think differently when they hear the word Christian.


We exist to help people discover their story, experience Jesus, and live on mission.



We have 6 core values that drive who we are and what we do as a church. Rescue, Grace and Truth, Come and See, Raw Community, Cultural Relevance and Life on Mission. These may not mean much to you right now but knowing and understanding these values will help you know and understand us as a church.



At DCC we recognize and believe in the authority of God’s Word. We recognize it as absolute truth and recognize our need to adjust our lives to it, not to adjust it to fit our lives. We also believe that it’s not enough just to know about God, we need to experience him and all he came to do for us. All of our beliefs are founded on those truths.



“Me Too” simply means that we aren’t people who used to be like you, tolerate people like you, or fix people like you. We are people just like you. Your story, all of it, is welcome and safe here with us. So if you have made mistakes in your past, hurt or been hurt by people you really care about, wish that you could erase some parts of your story or are looking for more out of the “Christian” life…ME TOO. We are a “me too” place, a community of people simply chasing after a better way to live. We believe that Jesus offers that.

But “Me Too” is not the destination. It is not a statement of justification for the sin in your life. It is a statement of confession. “You have sin in your life…me too.” “You’ve messed up…me too.” “You are hopeless without Jesus…me too.” It is not the last step. It is the first step toward finding the life that God has for you.


We realize we can’t do everything by ourselves and there are other people doing things way better than we ever could. That’s why we choose to partner with a few strategic ministries with whom we share a similar vision. That way we can make a significant impact with the resources God has entrusted us with.



We run lean and mean around here so there’s not a whole lot of us but, we want to try to make ourselves available if you need to get in touch. Or if you just want find out who the crazy people are behind the scenes of DCC, that works too.


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