Discover Story

Your story matters. The highs, the lows, the victories, the mistakes, what you have done, and what has been done to you is so important.  Every single detail is significant and has shaped who you are.   We have all missed much on this journey we call life.  The journey back into and through your story is the path to the life that you are looking for, the life to the fullest that Jesus came to bring you.  We are on mission to help you do that.

Experience Jesus

Jesus came to do so much more than forgive our sins and punch our tickets to heaven.  Unfortunately, we often reduced the life that Jesus came to bring us to a set of principles to be mastered or a list of programs to complete.  Jesus came to heal our broken hearts and set our captive hearts free.   Our mission is to help you bump into Jesus and experience all that he came to do for you, forgiveness, healing, restoration, redemption, to help you live not only forgiven but free.

Live On Mission

Life On MIssion“To be rescued and then to rescue,” you will hear that a lot around DCC.  As you begin to discover your story and experience all that Jesus came to do for you, you must not forget that there are others all around you in need of rescue too.  Finding the life you are looking for requires you to step into that.  Living on mission requires us all to connect, invite, serve, and give; to leverage our lives for the benefit of those around us.   It really comes down to this, Love God…love people.

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