Discover Your Story

God Uses Our Past To Shape Our Futures

We all carry experiences from our past. They affect our perception of ourselves, but also how we relate to others – and to God. Thankfully, God uses our past to shape our futures.

You Story, Welcomed

Reflecting on our story helps recognize the ways we’ve been impacted by people and events. It helps us see how we cope with – and compensate for – the wounds and hurt we’ve received.

As we unpack our story, we release our past to Jesus and choose His rescue. By shifting our old habits to healthy ways of relating to Jesus and our peers, we launch ourselves down the path to the life we’re looking for.

At DCC, your story is safe and welcomed – regardless of how it reads. We invite you to discover the ways God will use your past to shape your future.

My father was a demanding man, who criticized me when I didn’t excel in school or sports. He instilled in me the lie that love and approval come only when I performed well. When I discovered that wound, I recognized that I saw my Heavenly Father with that same lie, that He loved me only if I met his standards. I have put that lie in its place, and I am now able to receive God’s unconditional love and know that His love does not depend on how I perform. Mark



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