Who We Are

Who we are is reflected best in the faces of the men and women who work tirelessly every week to make DCC a place where visitors feel welcome and safe and cared for. The heart and soul of DCC lies in our volunteers and our staff — the people who care for the children, clean the building, print the handouts, fix the computers, change the lightbulbs, greet visitors at the door, serve communion, run the video cameras, play guitar or drums and lead our small groups. We wouldn’t be here without them.

Our pastors and department leaders treasure the opportunity that God has given each of them to work alongside our amazing staff and volunteers. The men and women you are most likely to see around our building, leading with heart and humility, are these members of our leadership team.

Greg Lindsey

Greg Lindsey | Lead Pastor

As senior pastor, Greg brings a passion for rescue that defines the DNA of DCC. Greg says weekly from the stage that we are a “me too place”, where you can expect to meet people who are just like you, whatever your story might be. “I talk about it often: the amazing rescue Jesus engineered for me from the wreckage I had made of my life. I know for certain there is no crash and burn that Jesus can’t redeem. I love this place we call DCC, because I see daily how the men and women of Jesus’ church pour themselves into welcoming and offering rescue to every single person who walks in the door.”


I know for certain there is no crash and burn that Jesus can’t redeem.

Jason Privett

Jason Privett | Associate Pastor

Jason, our associate pastor, works with the young people here at Discovery. Jason exudes a passion for living and a love for Jesus that is undeniably powerful in the lives of the young people he pours into. “For me, it’s about communicating the truth: Jesus is real, and Jesus wants to impact the trajectory of your life! The challenge we embrace at DCC is to help every young person experience the transforming love of Jesus, even as they are gaining traction in their developing lives.”


Jesus is real, and Jesus wants to impact the trajectory of your life!

Wade Shaw

Wade Shaw | Worship Pastor

DCC’s worship pastor, Wade, carries a passion for worship that is not confined to the songs played and sung at weekend services. Wade pours into all aspects of his “pastoring” an awe for who God is and a capacity to reflect God’s character out to those he encounters. “We are all going to worship something. It’s a human instinct. Whether it’s God, our jobs, our families, our addictions, ourselves, we will pour our adoration and love onto something. Unfortunately, most of us haven’t developed the capacity to see that God, the only thing worthy of that worship, the only thing that has proven its unfailing love and adoration for us, is all around us all the time. Calling for us. Pursuing us. So when we come to a place like DCC, a place of worship, a place outside of our normal routines and jobs and responsibilities, we are slowing down. Taking a deep breath. Opening our eyes to the ultimate reality that surrounds us. My job, my role, my calling, is simply to point. Simply to remind us all what’s all around us. All the time.”


God, the only thing worthy of our worship...Calling for us. Pursuing us.