Did You Know that God Gave You Worth and Value?

By Pete Heiniger

Did You Know that God Gave You Worth and Value? The cool thing is – others can’t earn more worth from God by being “good” and obeying all the rules – nor can you! But what is the coolest is the fact that no person can lose any worth or value to God because of their past, their present or their future – and that’s true about you as well. When God gave Jesus’ life to redeem yours – in that moment he gave every person infinite worth and value. We can’t add to it and nothing we have done or will do can take away from it! And now Jesus simply calls us to recognize that worth in others and ourselves!

Posted: November 17, 2017
Pete Heiniger

Author | Pete Heiniger

Pete is the Communications Director at DCC. He has lived in over ten states but returned his Colorado native wife, Shara, to her home state after 18 years away. They are the proud parents of 5 daughters! On a perfect day, you’ll find Pete smoking a cigar or sitting around a campfire with his family- often both!

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